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The reason why zirconia ceramic parts are popular in the market

Updated: 2020-12-05 Attention: 515

Zirconia balls have high toughness and bending strength. At the same time, zirconia balls also have good wear resistance and heat insulation properties. Through comparison, we can see that the coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to that of steel, so zirconia balls are widely used in various fields. Usually zirconia balls have the following substances: grinding balls, dispersion and grinding media, nozzles, ball valve seats, zirconia molds, micro fan shafts, optical fiber pins, optical fiber sleeves, drawing dies and cutting tools, wear-resistant tools , Watch cases and straps, light golf clubs and other room temperature wear-resistant parts.

Zirconia balls have been widely used in many high, precise and cutting-edge fields such as electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, aerospace, chemical industry, textiles, etc., because zirconia balls have the high strength, high temperature resistance and wear resistance of metals, plastics and other materials. , High temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high insulation and other excellent comprehensive properties. With the industrialization of zirconia balls in the future, the field of use will be further expanded.

   zirconia balls mainly include oblique zircon and zircon. Zircon is a deep-seated mineral of igneous rock. The color is light yellow, brownish yellow, yellow-green, etc., with strong metallic luster, and can be used as a raw material for ceramic glaze. Pure zirconia ball is a kind of refractory material. Its melting temperature is about 2900℃. It can increase the high temperature viscosity of the glaze and expand the temperature range of viscosity changes. It has good thermal stability and can improve the crack resistance of the glaze. . Because of its high chemical inertness, it can improve the chemical stability and acid and alkali resistance of the glaze, and it can also act as an opacifier. Zircon is often used in architectural ceramic glazes, and is the main raw material for "under-glaze white". Zirconia balls are a good auxiliary for yellow-green pigments. If you want to obtain better vanadium-zirconium yellow pigments, you must choose quality Pure zirconia. There is no radiation.