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The principle of composite deoxidizer

Updated: 2020-12-05 Attention: 585


The main principle is that the calcium in the high-efficiency composite deoxidizer can turn the oxides in the molten steel into deoxidized products with low melting points and easy to float, which purifies the molten steel. In addition, the use of this product has simple operation technology, improves alloy yield, and reduces alloy Consumption, reduce the cost of raw materials per ton of steel. And to improve product quality, its economic and social benefits are significant. When used in an electric furnace, it can replace silicon powder, silicon, aluminum, and barium when used as a reduction deoxidation, greatly reducing steelmaking costs.


   1. The amount of compound deoxidizer added is determined by the carbon content of the final molten steel. It is generally added at 1.0-1.5kg/ton steel.

   2. Adding method: directly add to the bottom of the bag before tapping,

   3. Add ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, and aluminum when tapping 1/4.